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BODYFRIEND is a Korean brand striving to become the market creator of well-being devices. BODYFRIEND’s competitive advantage comes from insightful know-how, on-going innovation and user-friendly distribution process and customer communication. A visionary company, BODYFRIEND mission is to encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles and transform the way they live. MOMENTOM 8 supports BODYFRIEND in its European launch. Above you discover the first massage chair combining a full body massage with BODYFRIEND’S Patented Brain Massage feature a total of 14 automated massage modes and an embedded touch switch.






Introducing ALINKA, a contemporary bijou star within the Fine Jewellery sphere. Conceived by St. Petersburg born, Sydney-based designer Alina Barlow, ALINKA combines a youthful modernity with the story-telling traditions of her native Russia. ALINKA is known for exceptional quality diamonds and elegantly timeless designs with a daring, contemporary edge. Stores in Sydney and at Harvey Nichols, London.



PRE:MIND’s cutting edge technology solution adds value to existing high-end customer loyalty programs by empowering a brand’s customer facing personnel to be effective and to provide a greatly enhanced customer experience. Across the spectrum of key VIP customer retention strategies PRE:MIND adds enormous enhancements.
PRE:MIND gives brands what they need to leverage global online capabilities and stores in the customer’s home city to build lasting relationships, increasing revenue across the brand’s multi-channel global network.

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YOOBIC is a technology to help clients improve conversion rate via a smartphone application that can be used to track merchandising and marketing operations in a retail store.

YOOBIC “Operations” enable an ongoing improvement of operational excellence based on a tailored made to measure application while YOOBIC “Boost” increases team empowerment and service levels in retail stores.

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A premium publishing house for the digital age

WHAT WE SEE aims to be the digital custodian of the extraordinary. Our mission is to surface and amplify uplifting and inspirational stories in a curated stream of the best output from a diverse, eclectic and exclusive array of voices, artists, archives and brands to raise the tone of the online conversation. Through a network of over 25 editorial brands, WHAT WE SEE has amassed a significant digital and social following: every month reaching over 60m people in the US, 18m people in the UK, 9m in India, and extensive reach in many other countries.

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BORAMY VIGUIER launched his own brand in 2018 after training 4 years under Lanvin’s Lucas Ossendrijver. His label quickly picked up industry praise for his deft juxtaposition of materials and strong silhouettes. Sportswear detailing such as thick zips, elasticated closures and oversized hoods are grafted onto classic menswear pieces, enriching them with a new modernity without compromising on purpose.

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KWALEÖ is a global community and start-up celebrating self-awareness through social events gathering like-minded people and via its unisex fashion line and accessories. 

The KWALEÖ community revolves around the slogan:  "be your own tribe". #beyourowntribe


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SHOK-1 is based in London and was one of the first Europeans to co-opt the street cultures that exploded from the USA in the early 80's. SHOK-1 has pioneered cutting-edge freehand techniques using no tape or stencils to render his X-ray style. SHOK-1 works present a diagnosis of life in the 21st century, sometimes in glowing health and other times pathological. He spraypaints unique X-ray art on walls around the world.

Charity Art Edition #1 2019 - contact us for details

Charity Art Edition #1 2019 - contact us for details



BEN EINE is one of the most successful street artists in the world and regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffiti letter forms.

Formerly partners with Banksy founding 'Pictures On Walls’ publishing house and gallery, fundamental in the rise of the global street art genre, Ben’s work has moved from Vandalism to Fine Art. His artwork 'Twenty First Century City’ was famously gifted to President Obama by the UK prime minister David Cameron and his CREATE artwork, painted on industrial ground in East London, is visible from space.

BEN EINE’s work is held in numerous public and private collections including the V&A Museum London, The Museum of Modern Art Los Angeles and Museum of Contemporary Art San Francisco.

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FABIEN VERSCHAERE is a French artist, born in 1975 in Vincennes. Passionate about drawing, he practices his passion everyday since his childhood. He studied at l’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris and graduated in 2001 from l’Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Nantes.

Since his graduation, he has exhibited at the Montreal Biennale in 2002, Palais de Tokyo in 2003, La Force de l’Art 02 in 2009, and many other reputable art events, museums and art galleries. His next exhibition will be at staged at the Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul, Korea in February 2019.


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The EPIC FOUNDATION leverages impact and giving solutions for individuals and corporations to support high-impact social organizations tackling youth and children issues globally. Epic provides solutions to make giving the norm.

Momentom 8 has joined the EPIC community and will contribute to its social projects.


The LUXURY CLUB’s objective is to bring together companies operating within the luxury industry including iconic brands, hospitality services and cultural institutions. The Club aims to encourage the exchange of best practice, share experiences as well as celebrate savoir-faire and excellence and connect the members. The Club hosts regular breakfast events, visits and the LONDON LUXURY THINK TANK.

Aimed at: CEOs and senior representatives of luxury brands, luxury hospitality, institutions of the visual arts and related service providers.

Networking platform: sessions are organised 4 to 6 times a year in prestigious venues and allow to share experiences, know-how and best practice. Sessions are intimate, by invitation only and follow the Chatham House Rule.