Our world is changing continuously while the speed of transformation is accelerating: Climate change, political instability and the growing global gap between rich and poor leave a growing impact on the perception and meaning of luxury. As a consequence luxury consumers care more about brand authenticity, social entrepreneurship and a genuine empathetic relationship with brands. The new luxury consumers are individualists, free-thinking and independent and hence more disruptive in their behaviour. They care less about possession and are more in demand of sustainable forms of consumption like circular economy. The business of luxury is converting into the market of personalisation where individual style and originality rule the game. So how to create momentum for brands in such a fast changing environment? It is essential for any brand to deepen their listening and understanding for their audience and then to reflect about the brand purpose and act accordingly.

Momentom 8 was created to give brands momentum. We partner with and support brands to create magic and excitement while staying genuinely committed to our core values. The following 8 core values build the foundation of our business, the Momentom 8 brand philosophy: